• November 27, 2020

We all talk about Haiti. We all want Haiti to do better. We all wish Haiti can provide for its citizens. We all hope Haiti have a better future. The time is now! HaitiWatchdog is making a plea to demand the Haitian Government to use the  funds collected for Haiti earthquake to go to these projects.

Water for every living home

Reproduction of Haitian Rice in Artibonite

Electricity All over Haiti 24/7

Garbage cans and Garbage trucks in every city

Homes for the Tent  population

Plants trees all over Haiti

Schools all over Haiti

A new Haitian Police Academy That respect human rights

Remove Minustah forces from Haiti

As you can see we don’t ask for too much just the basic right of every human being to live. We asking ourselves why these task are so hard to accomplish? Why would a government elected  by the people can’t provide the basic needs  to its citizens?

Join us!


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