Haiti Insecurity: The US remain silent?

The recent assassination of the chief of Advocates and most prominent lawyer Maitre Monferier Dorval has elevated the crime spree in Haiti to a new level where no matter your status, one can no longer feel safe in the Capital. The armed gangs with heavy assault rifles has spread throughout the cities like a deadly cancer.

The record of death inflicted among the population during the last 8 years of PHTK regime has surpassed the entire 34 years of the Duvalier regime and the killings by Minustha under Aristide and Preval combined. The PHTK regime took office with Michel Martelly as President under the pressure from the Clintons and the Obama administration in a contested election. According to Pierre Louis Opont secretary general of the CEP in a recent interview, where he mentioned that he was forced to announced Michel Martelly as president where the vote tabulated says otherwise. Moise Jean Charles was the apparent winner of the said election.

Four years later with a second term of PHTK under Jovenel Moise, the country has entered a into non livable phase on all aspects. Heinous crimes, misery, armed gangs, repression are the common causalities of Haitians daily lives. They have full support of the government where members of the police are refrain to go after the gangs by the government. The ex-Minister of Justice Lucmane Delile had to step down the day after he announced an operation to eliminate the gangs in Haiti. The government can not rely on the police force alone to maintain power due to the division within the police force and the syndicate asking Jovenel Moise to resign.

Why the US stay silent in this dire situations in Haiti? Why there are no officials condemnation from the White House the embassy or Congress in Washington on the recent killings of so many high profiles individuals and the burning down of the city named Bel Air which caused the population to live in the streets of the Capital particularly Champ-de-Mars.

We can’t deny the fact that the US is preoccupied at the moment while dealing with civil unrest, upcoming elections, the economy and the deadly pandemic covid-19 that are killing Americans daily. Needless to say that didn’t stop Mike Pompeo to send a message about elections in Haiti, The united Sates has always been on the front line against human rights violations all over the world and Haiti is in our backyard about 1 and half hour to Florida and there’s no condemnation from the State Department or Congress.

We are asking ourselves the simple question: Are the the policies of the Trump administration and the democrats in Congress are the same towards Haiti? Another reason why black lives should matter. Does Jovenel got a free pass because he voted with the Trump administration to condemn Venezuela? The Haitians community living in the United States denounced the ongoing killings taking place in Haiti by the armed gangs with the support of the PHTK regime in power. With a million or more votes from naturalized Haitians and born Haitian Americans the US policies toward Haiti must promulgate real changes for the well being of the Haitian people.