Haiti Elections

For the past few months, the debate over the ending term of Jovenel Moise on February 7 2021 has been the consensus of most political party in the country and we can assume the majority of the population support this decision based on article 134.2 of Haiti’s constitution, which translate to no matter what happened in between the dates of the elections. the president’s term shall begin within that same 5 years period even if the president took office at a later date. It has been the norm in Haiti since the post Duvalier era. For instance:

1986-1991 Lesly F. Manigat President.

1991-1996 Jean Bertrand Aristide

1996-2001 Renee Preval

2001-2006 Jean Bertrand Aristide

2006-2011 Renee Preval

2011-2016 MIchel Martelly

2016-2021 Jovenel Moise

Although in between the terms, because of the political turmoil, There are many President a.i. not mentioned during the transition. The dates as we explained above were never faltered. You have to leave the office of the presidency in accordance to the constitution clause.

It would the first time in Haiti’s history post Duvalier era that the term will be broken if Jovenel Moise managed to stay in power past February 7, 2021. We have to wait and see, but it is certain that Jovenel Moise has no intention to leave the office on February 7 2021 to the point that he asked the secretary of OAS (Organisation of American States) Luis Almagro to announce a deadline to start the process of the upcoming elections in February 2021 which is the date a new president should take the oath of office. Based on this particular scenario he would remain in office after february 2021 under the pretext of organizing the elections and the new president will sworn in office in February 2022.

Most major political parties refused to participate with Jovenel Moise in any election for that matter due to corruption and the current state of Haiti. Moise Jean Charles the charismatic leader of Haiti PPPD ( Pati Politik Pitit Dessalines) has reiterated in many occasions his denial of elections with Jovenel Moise. According to a recent visit of Mike Pompeo in Dominican republic where he met with Jovenel Moise in the hallway while assisting at the inauguration of the newly elected president of Dominican republic Luis Abinader, it is imperative that Jovenel Moise organize the elections in a timely manner. Haiti’s situation is chaotic and on the verge of being a country where the rule of law has no meaning. here are a numbers of armed gangs terrorizing the population. Some of the gangs are well connected with the actual government of Jovenel Moise. There are rumors that some gangs members are using police vehicles to conduct violent act against the population. The recent murder of Maitre Monferrier Dorval (Batonnier), the chief of the advocates, at his residence located in the same street where the President lives, is a flagrant proof and has sparked national and international outraged. Since last month, a new wave of terror has been spreading across the capital of Haiti and its surrounding. We are monitoring the situation of Haiti closely to bring you the latest news and update.

Haiti Watchdog