As COVID cases surge, Haiti’s Dr. Pape is on the frontline again
  • Hari Sreenivasan:Last year NewsHour Weekend profiled the unique resilience and persistence of Dr. Jean William Pape in Haiti. The doctor has been on the frontlines of Haiti’s ever-changing public health needs and climate disasters, from the early days of the AIDS epidemic to the devastating earthquake in 2010. Now, as Haiti confronts a massive uptick in coronavirus cases, Dr. Pape is using that past experience to fight what is quickly becoming another health crisis in this fragile nation. NewsHour Weekend Correspondent, Ivette Feliciano, has more.
  • Ivette Feliciano:Based on the last time we spoke with you last year in Haiti and learned a little bit about your history there, you’ve been on the front lines of the height of the AIDS epidemic and the earthquake aftermath and subsequent cholera outbreak. You know, how reminiscent is this moment and how much are you employing that knowledge right now?