• October 21, 2020
 The best course for Haiti’s development?

Which is the best course for Haiti’s development?

Manufacturing state
Investors in US Canada Europe creating sweat shop assembly in Haiti for low paying jobs.
Move the peasants population to the cities to work for maybe 1 dollar a day in assembly lines
Importing our daily food from abroad


Local production state

  • Mandate the rice production in Artibonite
  • support the peasant with funds to redevelop the local market
  • Export our natural products to US , Canada and Europe
    corn, rice, sugar, coffee, cocoa, bauxite etc…
  • Asking the US Canada and Europe to establish fair trade agreement with Haiti.
  • A drastic change in our education system (career, science education)
  • Higher tax on telecommunication and industries
  • Exploitation of Haiti natural resources

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