Haiti has won the battle so far against Covid-19

The deadly pandemic that killed hundred of thousands of people around the world has spared Haiti as it was non-existent factor. The WHO (world Health Organization) has declared Haiti a champion against the deadly Corona Virus. They were catastrophic prediction of thousand of people will be killed in Haiti by the virus.

Fortunately for Haiti a dozen of questionable deaths has been registered. To better understand the cause of these positive results, we must travel to the sources of ancient practices of natural medicines established by the natives centuries ago. The majority of Haitians strongly believe in traditional medicines.

Their knowledge over different tree leaves resources and benefits extend beyond comprehension. The effectiveness of their natural remedies should applied worldwide for natural cure and of course with the help of scientific studies to regulate the dosage amount.

We encourage each and every Haitian to continue with the practice of traditional medicine long established by our ancestors.Today Haiti is proud of being the leader in the fight against Covid-19.