Retired General Augusto Heleno Must face Justice in Haiti.

The Brazilian general who led the United Nations Minustha peacekeeping troops in Haiti after president Aristide was ousted must face justice in Haiti. In a report verified by Reuters Magazine the general ordered the killings of thousand of civilians under the false pretext of killing a warlord named Wilme in cite soleil. The operation named “Iron Fist” was a complete violation of human rights. Women and children were slaughtered by the hands of Minustah soldiers under the command of General Augusto Heleno in the slums of Port-au-Prince. A record of 22000 bullets were sprayed in Cite Soleil.

It was not only the bullets that killed thousand of Haiti during that period. “Since a cholera epidemic believed to be imported by United Nations peacekeepers thousands of Haitians nearly were killed, the office of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has acknowledged that the United Nations played a role in the initial outbreak and that a ‚Äúsignificant new set of U.N.the Minustha soldiers also killed thousand by infecting the water supplies with cholera diseases”. The United Nations must bring to justice the general and its soldiers reponsible for these atrocities and paid reparations to Haiti. These events that took place in Haiti’s history will never be forgotten.

Brazil’s President-elect Jair Bolsonaro talks with retired General Augusto Heleno REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

How can general Augusto Heleno and its soldiers live in peace conscientiously knowing the blood of thousand of women and children lied in their hands and haunting their soul. In November 2011, the UN received a petition from 5,000 victims for hundreds of millions of dollars in reparations over the outbreak thought to have been caused by UN members of MINUSTAH and to this day not event a cent has been paid to the families of the victim in Haiti. To make matters worse they have returned in Haiti under a different mission named BINUH and are in the forefront of the decision making in Haiti. The BINUH establishment in Haiti must be close until The United Nations paid reparations to the victims and brought to justice general Augusto Heleno.