• October 1, 2020
 Is Moise Jean Charles The next president of Haiti?

Moise Jean Charles popularity has been growing exponentially in the last few months. It is inevitable, if the election would held tomorrow, without a doubt he would be the new elected leader of Haiti. As we are all witnessing a surge of reckoning in the ideology of Jean Jacques Dessallines. The resurgence of his flag with a distinct color black and red in which the black symbolizes people of color and the red the willingness to spill blood in exchange for freedom was seeing float in France Canada United States and elsewhere. A rude awakening that manifest throughout the country and particularly on social media.

Who is Moise Jean Charles? Born in the northern Hemisphere of Haiti in 1967. After graduated in Haiti, he went to study political sciences at Centro Estudo Para America Latina. when he returned to Haiti to reengaged in the political course of Haiti with a distinguished career: Three times mayor of Milot, the town where he was born, ex-president Preval special adviser and senator under ex-President Martelly.

As a senator he was known for his anti-corruption speech against Michel Martelly government. the many effective resolution passed on the senate floor has his print throughout.

  • Resolution to dissolve all mining companies contract in Haiti
  • Resolution to remove Minustah out of Haiti
  • Resolution to dismantle the accord signed between Martelly and FMI stopping the national production of rice.
  • Resosultion against the executive under Martelly to dismantle the national police.

He is one of the fierce enemy of the current government in power PHTK. He is the type of leader who is not afraid to take the streets and marching with the people against injustice. Now he has become the leader charismatic of Haiti. Some folks in the political arena tried to compare his mouvement with Aristide Lavalas back in 1991 where the youth embraced Jean B. Aristide as their savior. Although, Haiti has changed drastically, one thing remains the same is the cry of the impoverish population calling and pray to have the basic necessities of every human being on earth.

Would there be another Coup D’etat by the American Government in Haiti if Moise Jean Charles elect as the new leader? Can Moise Jean Charles really put this country on the brink of development? based on his relations with countries leaders throughout the world. there’s a possibility that he can take the country towards a progressive path. He must have the support of most sectors in Haiti’s political landscape. He has a growing support of The Haitian American community and the diaspora elsewhere who does not support the American government interference in Haiti’s affair, as we noted by the comments spreading on social media.

To be continued.


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