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Home » Videos » Haiti’s Island “La Gonave” is stolen by US companies for OIL

Haiti’s Island “La Gonave” is stolen by US companies for OIL

  • Posted on May 18, 2011 in Videos
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In this video, there’s no mention of the Haitian Government as if they already sold La Gonave to LGDA   a US company. The big question remains why they are building a tourist attraction with a major Oil refinery alongside a Petroleum power plant in a tiny island in Haiti. Is it because the  fact that we all knew about that Haiti has a large reserve of petroleum?  Of course Haitians living there will have plenty of low paying  jobs as he mentioned in the video,  but why not let Haiti control its own destiny, building its own oil refinery and petroleum plant, Hotels and tourist attractions made by Haitians businessmen. Under what circumstances a foreign company decided to build its own infrastructure on a sovereign soil. It’s time for a wake up call,  Haitians needs to understand that only Haitians can save Haiti “men anpil chay pa lou”. These foreign investors are there to exploit Haiti in any possible way they can. They just want to finish what they started before and after 1804: Stealing Haiti resources by any means necessary. They refuse to let a black nation rise to power; in consequence,  they made Haiti so unstable by creating political chaos with the aide of unpatriotic government and some Haitians “ti sousou” that would do anything for money.  Our ancestors fought the greatest battle in history so we could live like human beings. Let’s honor them by taking control of our destiny.

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5 Responses to “Haiti’s Island “La Gonave” is stolen by US companies for OIL”

  1. HopeHaitiful says:

    You just there to oppose. What is your plan. Don’t you know what built on a land belongs to the citizens of that land?

  2. Reynold marc says:

    Wake up la Gonave!
    Nation of God governs with God destiny of all human being. My people of la Gonave deserve something, such as changing life, I believed God was ordained our freedom and is time of exalted us over the nation, and bless you all.

  3. This is exactly the 3rd posting, of your website I personally went through.

    Yet I really love this particular one, “HaitiWatchdog fighting
    for a better Haiti. HW Haiti?s Island ?La Gonave? is stolen
    by US companies for OIL ?” the best. Take care ,Vernon

  4. Azizwel Jean Joseph says:

    I have been following this and i said this on other blogs before. This can be a double edge sword. This can bring an Amazing opportunity to Haiti. Haiti is NOT selling the Island I have read the proposal. Haiti will get a huge amount (30%) of reoccurring money for the project(I say ask for 50%). However, We need to realize that ALL companies are thieves to an extent. I for one am still ANGRY over La Navase (Navassa Island). However, Haitians are highly educated in this century. We are professionals with many expertise the only problem is that we are divided and often times unpatriotic. They cannot steal the Island of La Gonave (and they never asked to buy it)! We have video of their offer, we have paper work, it will remain “as is” under our constitution. People born after this company will still be Haitians. The Money generated will go towards the Haitian economy. This will make Us a very wealthy country and the richest Caribbean Island Nation. We need to also understand that Capitalist greed is not going ANYWHERE(By the way I am not oppose to capitalism. just learn how to capitalize or they will capitalize on YOU.)We need to understand that we MUST intellectually-negotiate with them in order to survive otherwise they will CRUSH us for another 200 years.I am not saying to let them get whatever they want but if we don’t work with them they will keep building the Dominican Republic and leave our people at Dominican’s mercy. WE all know how the Dominican citizenship laws are treating Born-Dominicans of Haitian descent… Just look Aristide tried to do it his way and got crushed. He was lucky he ended up in Africa instead of “missing”. WE have a strong will as a people but our colonial revolution days are over! boule karotuou is bad for our economy. If we do that our people become refugees and die at sea. We don’t have to give them all the kind of rights that they(LGDA)company is asking for. We can give them what we want. Just make sure it is on paper and televised AND WIDELY PUBLISHED, make documentaries in many languages explaining it. We can put them under our regulations. Verifying their works. Deciding if it is safe or not. Making sure they don’t mine anything that is not on the contract. (Remember the Dominican Republic gave rights to a company to dig up gold and they took other resources and did not report it until they got caught.)My fellow Haitians I AM SKEPTICAL. However, we must listen and not chase out ALL developers and entrepreneurs. Labadee is “RENTED” NOT sold! Reason why it is private? THAT IS BECAUSE HAITIANS COME AND BEG. NOBODY WANT TO LAY ON A BEACH RELAXING AND SUDDENLY FEEL A SHADOW BLOCKING THE SUN AND WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR EYES THERE IS A GUY WHO IS SAYING SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND AND REACHING HIS HAND OUT TO YOU. My friends that would freak tourist out INCLUDING Haitian-Diasporas that understand the language. Now this is what I would really like to see: I would prefer if Haitian entrepreneurs were bringing and developing that Idea on their own. However, we lack money,the knowledge, the unity and Patriotism. We can do these things ourselves without foreign companies, but we must be “competent”. La Torture is smaller but provides the same opportunity as La Gonave but we like to sit and wait till someone else start gaining interest in our goods then we yell “NO! LEAVE IT ALONE!” Meanwhile we have no real plans and our people starve while we eat our chemically induce GMOs in the Diaspora. We need to pick fast. Do it ourselves NOW or partner up with these greedy bastards. Keep in mind: either way they and their governments run the world and they will get a slice. Aristide learned that the hard way.

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