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1 Million in Haiti Urgently Need Humanitarian Assistance After Hurricane's "Apocalyptic Destruction"



How the Clinton Foundation Ripped Off Haiti


Minister Farrakhan’s Prophetic Warning to Wyclef Jean on Leading Haiti


WikiLeaks U S Bullying in Haiti on behalf of Oil Companies


Weather Channel Meteorologist Apologizes For Haitian Children ‘Eat Trees’ Comment

By Nadege Green • Oct 4, 2016 ShareTwitter Facebook Google+ Email Weather Channel meteorologist apologizes to Haitian community after saying deforestation caused by hungry kids who “eat trees.” Screenshot YouTube Weather Channel ...

Haiti in ruins after Hurricane Matthew

It’s difficult to determine the number of casualties from the storm in Haiti after a key bridge was washed out, roads became impassable and phone communication was cut off from Haiti’s hardest-hit areas, but major damage has been ...

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

Hurricane Matthew left a broad swath of destruction across Haiti on Wednesday with flooding, rivers of mud that washed out a crucial bridge into the southwestern peninsula of the country and thousands seeking shelter. Eleven people died across ...

United Nations must admit its role in Haiti’s cholera outbreak

By Editorial Board, Published: August 16 ON THIS page Thursday, the spokesman for United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon offered a response — or something closer to a non-response — to The Post’s editorial Sunday about the United Nations’ ...